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主演:玛克辛·皮克 鲁伯特·彭利-琼斯 内尔·斯杜克 

更新时间:2019-11-05 11:05:51

简介: Whilst Clive Reader celebrates his taking silk but Martha hits the bottle, angry that inspector Wright has lied in court to convict her client Johnny Foster. Later David, the teen-aged son of chambers head Alan Cowdrey, is arrested for causing the death of a policeman , one of six who kettled him during a demonstration. Martha believes David has been bullied into pleading guilty by Wright and wants Alan involved in his sons case but David is not keen to see his father. Reader and Caroline Warwick agree to help Martha, who sees on CCTV that an anonymous man spoke to David in custody but there is no record of this meeting. In court she faces Wright, this time determined to beat him but evidence comes to light which weakens Marthas crusade.